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1. What type of postgraduate programmes do MMU offer?

Multimedia University (MMU) offers three categories of postgraduate programmes:

  1. Masters and PhD Programmes by Research (Structure A)
  2. Masters and Doctoral Programmes by Coursework and Dissertation (Structure B)
  3. Masters Programme by Coursework (Structure C)

2. What are the programmes offered by MMU in Cyberjaya, Melaka and Penang Skills Development Centre (PSDC)?

Cyberjaya Campus:
Master of Engineering (Telecommunications)
Master of Business Administration
Master of Knowledge Management
Master of Multimedia (e-Learning Technology)
Master of Information Technology (Multimedia Computing)
Master of Computer Science in Software Engineering & Software Architecture
Doctor of Business Administration
Master by Research and PhD

Melaka Campus:
Master of Engineering in Embedded System
Master of Engineering in Advance Manufacturing Management
Master by Research and PhD

Penang Skills Development Centre (PSDC):
Master of Engineering (Telecommunications)
Master of Engineering (Microelectronics)
Master of Engineering (Photonics)

3. What is the difference between taught programme and research programme?

A research candidate (Structure A) must conduct research (investigations in a particular subject area, study and experiment, culminating the findings of the research undertaken) under the supervision of the academic staff and submit a thesis for the fulfilment of the graduation requirements. Research candidates may also be required register for and pass subject(s) as required by the respective Faculty.

For Structure B and C, a candidate must register and pass a prescribed number of taught subjects (involve the attendance of formal classes, seminars, laboratories and written examinations). In addition, the candidate must conduct research (for Structure B) or project (for Structure C) under the supervision of the academic staff and submit a dissertation/project for the fulfillment of the graduation requirements.

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