Internship at Alcatel-Lucent Belgium
28 April 2014| Posted by Admin

Practical aspects:
The potential of troubleshooting and diagnostics of outdoor and home wifi networks will be investigated by using both experimental (hardware) and simulation tools as well our developed product modules. We look into an integration of home femtocells and residential/carrier WiFi management through self-organization and self-optimization. Different wifi configurations will be analyzed to derive the appropriate diagnostics solutions as well as different test environments will be considered to analyze the impact of several interference sources in our laboratory setup. This will be followed by design and development of HomeView product portfolio for home network diagnostics.
Some of the tasks can be summarized as:

1. Research on physical/mac layer wifi system behaviour in home network environment
(under HDTV traffic, different interferences, etc.);
2. Aquire the knowledge of basic communication protocols and understanding of phy/maclayer
system components;
3. Product algorithm implementation in C++/Java based on matlab diagnostics algorithms
4. Conducting testing and managing different testing scenarios to capture the effect of
different interference sources.
5. Presentation of results.

The required skills are:
1. Good knowledge of telecommunications and mathematics;
2. Good verbal and written skills in English are required;
3. Methodical problem solving, good communication skills, strong attention to detail, and
ability to work well in a close-knit team;
4. Excellent skills in MATLAB (and understanding of C/C++ and Java)

Please send your CV to:
Haris Gacanin
Condition: PhD student

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