Three Minute Thesis (3MT) Competition


Master Level’s Winners:

First: Muhammad Tamim Faruq Bin Khairul Azmi (FCM)

Second: Aishah Nadhirah Ahmad Nazmi (FOB)

Third: Muhammad Nadzree Bin Mohd Yamin (FOB)


PhD Level’s Winners:

First: Nazi Mahendru (FCM)

Second: Chew Yee Jian (FIST)

Third: Nur Iylia Syafiqah Binti Abdul Malik (FOB)




Institute for Postgraduate Studies (IPS) is pleased to invite all postgraduate by research students to participate in a THREE MINUTES THESIS (3MT) Competition 2023 to showcase their research on the 17th May 2023 in MPH, MMU Cyberjaya.

The 3MT competition winners might have the honor to represent MMU in the 3MT National Competition. This National Competition will be held virtually and to be conducted in English. This is a fabulous way to showcase research across the university and for postgraduate students to share their research!


Challenge yourself and register with us for this prestigious competition by 14 April 2023: 

We are delighted for your participation and best of luck!



Three Minutes Thesis (3MT) is an academic research communication competition for postgraduate students from across disciplines. Students shall present their research and its significance in a language appropriate to a non-specialist audience in just three minutes.

3MT competition develops a valuable skill set of students’ academic, presentation and research communication skills. In addition, students who wish to raise their academic profile for their future careers will also be able to meet and network with a large number of fellow students and academicians, both within and outside their fields of study.



The competition is open to all postgraduate by research students, who have passed their Proposal Defence in Multimedia University. Three best presenters will be selected.

In addition, the top three winners (based on the highest ranking) will receive MONETARY PRIZES and plague.



Master Level:

1st Prize: RM400

2nd Prize: RM300

3rd Prize: RM200


PhD Level:

1st Prize: RM400

2nd Prize: RM300

3rd Prize: RM200

Free t-shirt for all finalist!



Skills development for research candidates

Participating in 3MT develops academic, presentation and research communication skills, while developing research candidates’ ability to effectively explain their research in language appropriate to a non-specialist audience.



1. Engineering & Technology
2. Social Science


So, please hurry up! We are looking forward to hearing from you and who knows you could be one of the finalists who will represent MMU to the national level of 3MT. Winner of this national level competition may get to represent Malaysia at the international level. We are hoping it could be you!


Don’t forget to block these important dates on your calendar:

Registration Deadline : 14 April 2023
(Physical) Screening : 5 May 2023
(Physical) Competition : 17 May 2023
Coaching for National 3MT : 22-31 May 2023


For any enquiries, please contact us at


You may check out presentations by previous 3MT finalists of year 2019 and before at international level HERE.


MMU Lecturer Won First Place at 3MT National Competition of 2018




  • 3MT Competition Rules
      • A single static PowerPoint slide is permitted (no slide transitions, animations or ‘movement’ of any description, the slide is to be presented from the beginning of the oration).
      • No additional electronic media (e.g. sound and video files) are permitted.
      • No additional props (e.g. costumes, musical instruments, laboratory equipment) are permitted.
      • Presentations are limited to 3 minutes maximum and competitors exceeding 3 minutes are disqualified.
      • Presentations are to be spoken word (e.g. no poems, raps or songs).
      • Presentations are to commence from the stage.
      • Presentations are considered to have commenced when a presenter starts their presentation through movement or speech.
      • The decision of the adjudicating panel is final.
  • 3MT Judging Criteria
    • Presentations should include (NEW)

      • Why your research is important?
      • What you have done to address the research question?
      • What long-term outcomes are you anticipating?


      Comprehension and Content

      • Presentation provided clear background and significance to the research question
      • Presentation clearly described the research strategy/design and the results/findings of the research
      • Presentation clearly described the conclusions, outcomes and impact of the research


      Engagement and Communication

      • The oration was delivered clearly, and the language was appropriate for a non-specialist audience
      • The PowerPoint slide was well-defined and enhanced the presentation
      • The presenter conveyed enthusiasm for their research and captured and maintained the audience’s attention


  • 3MT Competitor Guide
    • 3MT Drafting

      Write for your audience

        • Avoid jargon and academic language.
        • Explain concepts and people important to your research – you may know all about Professor Smith’s theories but your audience may not.
        • Highlight the outcomes of your research, and the desired outcome.
        • Imagine that you are explaining your research to a close friend or fellow student from another field.
        • Convey your excitement and enthusiasm for your subject.


      Tell a story

        • You may like to present your 3MT as a narrative, with a beginning, middle and end.
        • It’s not easy to condense your research into three minutes, so you may find it easier to break your presentation down into smaller sections.
        • Try writing an opener to catch the attention of the audience, then highlight your different points, and finally have a summary to restate the importance of your work.


      Have a clear outcome in mind

        • Know what you want your audience to take away from your presentation.
        • Try to leave the audience with an understanding of what you’re doing, why it is important, and what you hope to achieve.



        • Proof your 3MT presentation by reading it aloud, to yourself and to an audience of friends and family.
        • Ask for feedback.
        • Ask your audience if your presentation clearly highlights what your research is about and why it is important.


      3MT Slide


      Before you start work on your slide, you should take the following rules into account:

        • One single static PowerPoint slide is permitted;
        • No slide transitions, animations or ‘movement’ of any description are permitted;
        • Your slide is to be presented from the beginning of your oration; and
        • No additional electronic media (e.g. sound and video files) are permitted.



      You may like to consider some of the following suggestions.

        • Less is more: text and complicated graphics can distract your audience – you don’t want them to read your slide instead of listening to your 3MT.
        • Personal touches: personal touches can allow your audience to understand the impact of your research.
        • Creativity drives interest: do not rely on your slide to convey your message – it should simply complement your oration.
        • Work your message: think about how your slide might be able to assist with the format and delivery of your presentation – is there a metaphor that helps explain your research?
        • An engaging visual presentation can make or break any oration, so make sure your slide is legible, clear and concise.



      3MT Presentation

      Practice, practice, practice

        • Feeling nervous before you present is natural, and a little nervousness can even be beneficial to your overall speech. Nonetheless, it is important to practice so you can present with confidence and clarity. Practicing will also help you gauge the timing of your 3MT so that you keep within the time limit.


      Vocal range

        • Speak clearly and use variety in your voice (fast/slow, loud/ soft).
        • Do not rush – find your rhythm.
        • Remember to pause at key points as it gives the audience time to think about what you are saying.


      Body language

        • Stand straight and confidently.
        • Hold your head up and make eye contact.
        • Never turn your back to the audience.
        • Practise how you will use your hands and move around the stage. It is okay to move around energetically if that is your personality, however it is also appropriate for a 3MT presentation to be delivered from a single spot on stage.
        • Do not make the common mistakes of rolling back and forth on your heels, pacing for no reason or playing with your hair as these habits are distracting for the audience.


      Record yourself

        • Record and listen to your presentation to hear where you pause, speak too quickly or get it just right.
        • Then work on your weaknesses and exploit your strengths.


      Look to the stars!

        • Watch your role models such as academics, politicians and journalists, and break down their strengths and weaknesses.
        • Analyse how they engage with their audience.
  • 3MT Power Point Template for Presentation
    • Only use the slide template HERE for your presentation.