• 1. What type of postgraduate programmes do MMU offer?
    • We offer three categories of postgraduate programmes:

      1. Master’s and PhD by Research (Structure A)
      2. Master’s and Doctoral by Coursework and Dissertation (Structure B)
      3. Master’s by Coursework (Structure C)
  • 2. What is the difference between taught course and research programme?
    • research candidate (Structure A) must conduct research (investigations in a particular subject area, study and experiment, culminating the findings of the research undertaken) under the supervision of the academic staff and submit a thesis for the fulfilment of the graduation requirements. Research candidates may also be required register for and pass subject(s) as required by the respective Faculty. For Structures B and C, the candidate must register and pass a prescribed number of taught courses (involves the attendance of formal classes, seminars, laboratories and written examinations). In addition, the candidate must conduct a research (for Structure B) or undertake a project (for Structure C) under the supervision of an academic staff and submit a dissertation/report for the fulfillment of the graduation requirements.

  • 3. How can I find out the research interests of academic staff at MMU?
    • Detailed information about the research activity and staff research interest at MMU can be found on Directory of Expertise: https://mmuexpert.mmu.edu.my/.

  • 4. Is there an age limit for postgraduate programmes?
    • There is no age limit. So long as you meet the minimum requirements, you are eligible to apply. Each application is considered on its own merits.

  • 5. How do I apply and when?
  • 6. What is a research statement?
    • A postgraduate research statement should:

      • Clearly define the topic/title that you are interested in studying at postgraduate level.
      • Show that you have begun to identify and develop an interesting and original research question in relation to your chosen topic.
      • Your research statement, should therefore demonstrate that you understand your intended research domain and research clusters to show some understanding of how to conduct research.
  • 7. What should a research statement contain?
    • The research statement form should be filled based on the following: –

      • Research topic/title – will be your proposed research topic/title
      • Research Domain – which domain and cluster BEST describes your proposed research area.
      • You can refer to appendix 1 attached with the research statement form
      • Field interest(s) / Area of research – what is research area you wish to explore for your postgraduate study? Elaborate and provide as much details as you can.
      • Relevant skills/Experience – what are the research skills(s), related research experience(s), or transferable skills(s) you might have that could help and support you while pursuing your research in the chosen research area?
      • Proposed Supervisor – You can have proposed your supervisors from MMU Directory of Expertise
  • 8. How important is the research proposal to my application?
    • Acceptance onto a postgraduate research programme will be based upon both of your academic ability and the availability of interested and suitably qualified supervisors. The research statement makes the difference when it comes to finding supervisors and this part of the application is therefore crucial.

      Your research statement will be read by academics that have an interest in a similar field in order to determine whether their expertise would enable them to act as your research supervisor during the course of your postgraduate study.

  • 9. For the field on proposed supervisor(s), can I leave it blank, as I do not know any staff in your University?
    • You may refer to the Directory of Expertise (link to DOE) for a list of research interests of all the staff members in the various faculties.  You can refer to the link given: https://mmuexpert.mmu.edu.my/

      You need not indicate any proposed supervisor(s) if you are unable to. A supervisor or supervisors will be appointed for each candidate based on the approved research topic by the faculty.

  • 10. What if I would like to change research topic/area after admission?
    • A candidate may apply for change of research field within the SIX months from the beginning of candidature and the candidature shall continue upon Senate’s approval.  The application for the change of research field is not allowed after SIX months.