Finding a Research Topic

If you are new to research, identifying a research topic and subsequently designing the project may be a daunting task. Ideally, your research project ought to be something you are deeply interested in, has good potential to yield impactful outcomes, and can realistically be completed within the practical constraints (time and other resources) of either a Master’s or PhD degree.

Check out these currently-offered research titles:


Master’s Degree




Additionally, check out the list of active research projects currently looking for candidates.

Don’t see any titles in the lists that appeal to your interests? Take some time to explore our Directory of Expertise to look up academic staff whose research interests align with yours. They could be your potential postgraduate supervisor.

Whether you would like to further explore any titles in the above lists or discuss your ideas with an academic staff, do initiate communication by email with them. Your potential supervisors welcome any discussions on ideas to further develop them into viable research projects.