Ph.D. Research Titles – Creative Multimedia / Design / Cinematic Arts

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Faculty Title / Summary Supervisor
Faculty of Creative Multimedia (FCM), Cyberjaya Campus Coloration Study on Dedicated Artificial Lure Design for ‘Sebarau’ Fish Species in Klang Valley through Local Angler’s Perception

This study proposal describes how, through its alliances with research knowledge on artificial lure design in mainly coloration study and perception through observation among the local angling. It was dedicated by one of the top tier fresh water game fish predator in Malaysia which is ‘Sebarau’ (hampala macrolepidota) or in local term as ‘Malaysian Jungle Perch/Hampala Barb’. The significance of angler’s community in color of trust, yet has designed their fishing strategy to penetrate the successful outcome during the fishing trip. This study will mainly focus on what is behind the design organizational knowledge especially in color scheme by experimental in design development and it’s may transform into specific measured to be proven in fishing formulation. Drawing on literature from the related fields of fresh water fishing, types of lure, type of fish species in Malaysia and also organizational in fishing theory. The potential research study to be specify in such contribution of fishing knowledge through experimental, observation and cognition in this process, as a means of stimulating innovation, of integrating expertise, and of disseminating and stabilizing learning and designing.
The study employed an observation with direct experience method, experimental on coloration and perception among the angler communities. The observation will be surfacing at the behavioral level, cognitive level and emotional level. At the behavioral level, the researcher and the potential anglers will be on experimental in related field on how the selection on dedicated color were used by themselves, which is sometimes the deciding factor by trust or scientific measure. This category refers specifically to how they interact physically with objects. While it is inevitable that the cognitive level is involved in how the researcher and the anglers uses objects and also expressed as how they personally interprets objects. Then the researcher verbalizes a theoretical description of their design activities and approaches during this area. Emotional level reflects how the feels and what researcher thinks are right on color theoretical through the perception.

Dr. Hushinaidi Abdul Hamid

Note: Co-supervised by Dr Izharuddin Shah (Aqualculture, UPM)

Faculty of Creative Multimedia (FCM), Cyberjaya Campus 3D Animation

MYMEDIC 3D Platform is a system that will automatically create 3D assets for the medical industry.

Note: Before the end of 2021 and preferably full-time candidates

Dr. Tenku Putri Norishah Tenku Shariman

Faculty of Creative Multimedia (FCM), Cyberjaya Campus What media technology can offer us new modes of perception of our existence, with respect to a global, local or corporeal frame of reference? What media technology can offer us new modes of perception of our existence, with respect to a global, local or corporeal frame of reference? What are the new critical enquiries and curatorial strategies for new media art? How does technology influence/ affect perception of art? Digital dimension of mobilities with respect to a global, local or corporeal frame of reference.

New media art research speculates on various aesthetic problems that lie at the base of artistic criticism formed around the expression and production of media artefacts, concepts and relations through new media and technology.

Dr. Ts. Lim Kok Yoong