Ph.D. Research Titles – Management / Business / Finance

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Faculty Title / Summary Supervisor
Faculty of Management (FOM), Cyberjaya Campus An Enhanced Model for Social Connection and Self-Perceived Depression towards Improving Teenagers’ Mental Wellbeing

This study aims to examine how social connection (family and friendship) among teenagers affect their self-perceived depression and how these interactions lead to improving their mental wellbeing.

Dr. Abdullah Al Mamun Sarwar

Faculty of Business (FOB), Melaka Campus Knowledge Management Issues and Practices in IR 4.0 and 5.0 from the Individual and Socio-technical Perspectives

Industry 4.0 has witnessed the amalgamation of technologies to pave the way for smart technologies and big data to revolutionise the way we work. As these smart technologies make a mark in our lives, we are transitioning to another industrial revolution, IR 5.0 where personalisation and individual customisation that afford more ‘power’ in the hands of decision makers and users. Studies that look at how knowledge management and knowledge sharing practices among intellectual assets (human and/or non-human) from the individual, organisational and technical perspectives will be explored using quantitative, qualitative and/or mixed research approaches.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gerald Goh Guan Gan

Faculty of Business (FOB), Melaka Campus Green, Environmental and Sustainability Adoption and Practices of Organisations

The environmental and sustainability agenda is one that impacts every living being and is one that requires the intervention of global organisations, governments, organisations and individuals alike. I am interested in exploring the various issues dealing with environmental and sustainability causes such as sustainability initiatives at the individual or organisational level, individual characteristics of consumers towards environmental proclivity and stakeholder engagement initiatives. Depending on the focus of the study, appropriate quantitative and qualitative methods may be employed to further investigate the issues. Some of the methods that have been employed are but not limited to cross sectional or longitudinal surveys, interviews, focus group interviews, Delphi study, social network analysis, document analysis, content analysis, case study research and observational studies.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gerald Goh Guan Gan

Faculty of Business (FOB), Melaka Campus Cybersecurity Policy Development and Culture in Organisations

“The Cybersecurity Culture Gap” study by the IS Audit and Control Association and CMMI revealed that a vast majority of respondents worldwide acknowledge a gap between what they practice now and the desired cybersecurity culture in their organisations. It is undeniable that cybersecurity plays a pivotal role in organisations and having the desired cybersecurity culture in organisations is an important organisational focus area. Studies that examine the individual and organisational factors that facilitate and/or inhibit the development, awareness, adoption and practice of organisational cybersecurity best practices are welcome. Studies may be conducted from a policy development perspective, cross-sectional or longitudinal survey, interviews, focus group interviews, Delphi study or case study research.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gerald Goh Guan Gan

Faculty of Business (FOB), Melaka Campus Internal Control System and Business Performance

This study examines the relationship between internal control processes and how these impact business performance, especially among SMEs. The research method will include interviews and field survey.

Dr. Zauwiyah Binti Ahmad

Faculty of Management (FOM), Cyberjaya Campus Frugal Open Innovation: A Sustainable Solution for Digital Transformation

Frugal innovation is ‘doing more with less’. It is about improvised fix that magically transform adversity to opportunity in an institutional context. Private and public sectors are faced with resource constraints especially financial constraints. However, they struggle to achieve their aspiration to reach digital transformation. Frugal open innovation is a solution in the situation of high aspirations but low resources. This research focuses on the role of frugal open innovation to harness innovative solutions that will support the digital transformation initiatives of private or public sectors.

Ts. Dr. Magiswary A/P Dorasamy

Faculty of Management (FOM), Cyberjaya Campus Modelling Internal Marketing Practices to Create High Performance Organisation

Proposing a framework model from the best case studies of internal marketing practices.

Dr. Junainah Binti Mohd Mahdee

Faculty of Management (FOM), Cyberjaya Campus Enhancing Social Well-Being with Green Marketing

A study of green marketing campaign to improve social well-being of communities in Malaysia.

Dr. Junainah Binti Mohd Mahdee

Faculty of Management (FOM), Cyberjaya Campus Community Engagement for Emergency Readiness and Resilience

Study to explore dynamics for effective framework to enable community active involvement in emergency response and ensure their resilience when facing crisis such as a global pandemic.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kamarulzaman Bin Ab Aziz

Faculty of Management (FOM), Cyberjaya Campus Financial Markets Dependence and Portfolio Risk Estimation

This project looks into the dependence structure of financial markets in the recent decade, using financial stock returns as proxies. The underlying statistical properties of these dependence structures will be used to develop a portfolio risk measure. The new risk measure will be compared against the actual risk and the traditional risk measure for accuracy checking.

Dr. Ruzanna Bt Ab Razak

Faculty of Business (FOB), Melaka Campus Tourism and Overtourism in Heritage Destinations in Malaysia

This project will study the extend of destination marketing in heritage destinations in Malaysia, how is has impacted business and also local communities in the adjacent areas.

Assoc Prof Dr Robert Jeyakumar