Ph.D. Research Titles – Education / Education Technologies

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Faculty Title / Summary Supervisor
Faculty of Creative Multimedia (FCM), Campus Micro-Credentials for Increased Employability

MMU is embarking on the development of micro-credentials for MMU academic programmes and we need researchers to study on the development and execution of micro-credentials.

Note: Research position to be filled by August 2021

Dr. Tenku Putri Norishah Binti Tenku Shariman

Faculty of Creative Multimedia (FCM), Cyberjaya Campus Cognitive Training through Digital Game or Serious Game

This study is a collaboration with GHC – Global Health Connect to test on a serious game for cognitive training. The purpose is to evaluate on its effectiveness for cognitive training for users who need such training to improve their life quality.

Note: A collaborative research project with Global Health Connect

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Koo Ah Choo
Faculty of Engineering and Technology (FET), Melaka Campus Left and Right Brain Balancing for Childhood Education

The left and right brain dominance theory has been established for decades. Currently, the only way to determine a person whether is left or right brain dominance is by making a questionnaire assessment. There is no scientific data that can directly reflect brain activity to prove the left and right brain theory as well as the effectiveness of the left and right brain development training. Hence, in this research, it is aimed to determine whether the electroencephalography (EEG) signal can be any correlation with the brain dominance level.

Note: The research is open for full-time and part-time candidates. For more information, please refer to Prof. Ir. Dr. Sim Kok Swee’s Google scholar page.

Prof. Ir. Dr. Sim Kok Swee

Faculty of Business (FOB), Melaka Campus Effects of Emotional Expressions in Multimedia Learning

How do different emotional expressions displayed by instructors or artificial agents affect socio-emotive, motivational, and cognitive aspects of learning in multimedia environments? This study aims to explore this through the lens of multimedia learning theory, cognitive load theory, and social psychology framework. This project focuses on experimental design method.

Dr. Liew Tze Wei