Master’s Degree Research Titles – Language / Communication / Social Sciences

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Faculty Title / Summary Supervisor
Faculty of Business (FOB), Melaka Campus COVID-19 & the Social Media

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the lives of billions all over the world. With lockdowns and mammoth public health initiatives across the globe, at a scale never seen before in our lifetime. The social media has become a focal point in the information source and dissemination of users worldwide, at times with great concern at the accuracy and authenticity of the information being shared in cyberspace. Studies that examine the use and consumption of social media during the pandemic as well as the development of key themes such as conspiracy theories and vaccine hesitancy are explored. Tools such as surveys, interviews and social media scraping for data analytics may be employed for this study.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gerald Goh Guan Gan

Faculty of Management (FOM), Cyberjaya Campus Digital Inclusion Among Malaysians: ICT and Computer Skills for the Future of Work Computer Skills

An investigation into Malaysian microdata on ICT and computer skills to determine digital inclusion levels in preparation for the future of work using multivariate data analysis techniques.

Dr. Yvonne Lee

Faculty of Management (FOM), Cyberjaya Campus Improving Students’ Math Anxiety, Resilience and Achievement using Learner Growth Model

This project looks into how the learner growth model can assist teachers in helping students with various mathematical ability to stay in the growth zone. The learner growth model has 3 zones, namely, anxiety zone, growth zone and comfort zone. The actual learning and knowledge and skills improvement take place in the growth zone. Based on learner zones, the effectiveness of teaching style and materials used for different groups of students will be investigated. The relationship between teachers’ teaching styles, students’ math anxiety, resilience and achievement will be explored.

Note: To start immediately in 2021; preferably full-time

Dr. Ruzanna Bt Ab Razak

Faculty of Business (FOB), Melaka Campus Framework for Effective Cervical Cancer Awareness to Prevent and Early Detection among Malaysian

This study investigates factors that influence cervical cancer awareness among Malaysian women. By doing this research, it will expected the increasing number of women to do pap-smear test in future so that cervical cancer can be detected at the earlier stage. The significant impact would be the number of women died due to cervical cancer can be reduced.

Ms. Shadia Binti Suhaimi

Faculty of Management (FOM), Cyberjaya Campus Modeling a Shift to Sustainable Diet-Change Behavior: an Inquiry into Plant-Based Diet

This study aims to examine the drivers and the intention to a healthier and environmentally friendly diet,, i.e. plant based diet, in order to achieve sustainable food system. Questionnaire will be distributed to 500 working adults to examine their current experiences, attitudes and behavior towards plant-based diets. Multi-stakeholder participants will then be invited to a focus group discussion to provide comments and ways to promote plant-based diets.
Note: Only full time post candidate is accepted.

Assoc Prof Dr Chong Chin Wei

Faculty of Creative Multimedia (FCM), Cyberjaya Campus The Perception of Malaysian Millennial Consumers Towards In- Stream Video Advertisement in Social Networking Sites

The purpose of this research is to examine the perception of Malaysian Millennial consumers towards in-stream video advertisement in social networking specifically Facebook. The priority of this study is to analyze the factors which influence the consumers’ perception and their purchase intention besides to support the marketers and advertisers to more effectively reach Malaysian Millennial customers as in this privatization and globalization era it is a challenge for advertisers to come up with appropriate marketing strategy to suit respective target groups. This paper presents a review of recent academic literature in analyzing the related study theme in advertising and marketing area. The study findings will potentially provide new insights in results that allow marketers and advertisers to understand the factors in an in-stream video ads that are affecting the consumers’ perception towards in-stream video advertisement in social network besides that it provides valuable insights to the marketers and advertisers on how in-stream video ads contribute in forming the customers’ purchase intention.
Based on the existing literature related to the topic, in achieving this goal the researcher proposed a conceptual model that combines Ducoffe’s (1996) advertising model and flow experience theory, to understand the antecedents of purchase intention on perception of Malaysian Millennial towards in-stream video ads. A questionnaire will be constructed to illustrate and gather opinions on the advertising value, flow experience, video design quality, and brand awareness explaining the purchase intention.
Note: This project is interesting. Dedicated candidates are required.

Dr. Junita Shariza Bt Mohd Nasir