Viva Voce Examination


Viva Voce Examination Announcement: Ms. Sini Govinda Pillai has passed her (Ph.D (I.T.))

The Institute for Postgraduate Studies (IPS) is pleased to announce that Ms. Sini Govinda Pillai has passed her (Ph.D (I.T.)) viva voce examination held on 3 May 2024.

Her thesis, “Domain-Independent True Fact Identification from Knowledge Graphs”, was supervised by Prof. Ts. Dr. Haw Su Cheng, FCI (Supervisor) and Dr. Soon Lay Ki, Adjunct-FCI (Co-Supervisor).

We extend our sincere appreciation to the External Examiners who participated in the viva voce seminar, providing valuable and insightful feedback.

Thank you to our chairman, Prof. Ts. Dr. Md. Shohel Sayeed, FIST for effectively chairing the Board of Examiners (BOE) VIVA VOCE session and leading us through the process.

Our congratulations to Ms. Sini Govinda Pillai on her achievement!